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Oct 04, 2009 at 03:37 PM

Simple workflow question



I started implementing a simple workflow and now I have a problem and I don'z know how to solve it using the technology of SAP-workflow.

I created two workflows in SWDD (WS...). The first workflow calls the othe workflow in a special case. This is done by using a standard link with a activity (linked to WS instead of TS).

Now I want to have that all the activities implemented in the second workflow should be done by one user of a group of user.

The problem I now have is that in every step of the second workflow (e.g. user decisions) I have to set the agents. In my case this is a group of users. So the problem occurs if agent A1 makes the first descision, another person B2 can do the following steps of this workflow.

What I want to have is something like "a workitem with several steps included", that means when agent A1 selects the workitem, the following steps should only go to this agent and not to every agent that is in the group of persons for that task.

Hard to describe I think. I hope you understand what I tried to mention here...

Thank you for your support!