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Oct 04, 2009 at 03:17 PM

Difference old and new transfer


I will find out the fifference between old and new transfer process.

On one hand I know the old works with update rules an inforsource and transfer rules. the new one has an transformation and a dtp.

also I know that there are update rules for direct writing and update rules for flexible writing.

direct is for hierarchies also and flexible is to change data before the target.

So my question:

I wrote that I need Update Rules when I want to write from master data while loading data into a charakter. I wonder is the name flexible update rule here used in the same way as transformation rule? or do i really have to use the old transfer 3.x?

At least the question: What is the real difference between direct or flexible update rules and a transformation?

Why can'T I load a history with a transformation and with flexible update rules? Why do I have to use direct update rules?

I would be very happy if you tell me that update rules and declaring rules in transformation means the same... but i think it is not like that.. 😊