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Oct 04, 2009 at 02:08 PM

Selection screen query


Hi Friends,

In my selection screen there are 10 fields are displaying one below another. How do we display 5 fields in one column and another 5 fileds in second column instead of displaying all fields in one coloumn?

Please suggest me what changes i need to do for the following code.

Code for your reference:


p_gjahr1 like cosp-gjahr,

p_gjahr2 like cosp-gjahr,

p_gjahr3 like cosp-gjahr,

p_gjahr4 like cosp-gjahr,

p_gjahr5 like cosp-gjahr,

p_perbl1 like cosp-perbl,

p_perbl2 like cosp-perbl,

p_perbl3 like cosp-perbl,

p_perbl4 like cosp-perbl,

p_perbl5 like cosp-perbl.

Best Regards