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Oct 03, 2009 at 09:35 PM

PTax Slab Change Effective from a Specific Date


Hi Guys,

Our client wants to do new PTax Slab Change for Gujarat Effective from a Specific Date 1.10.2009.

I have Created a new slab code GA02 in table V_T7INP4 to assign amounts for PTax deduction i.e. the new slab range. The old rate slab GA01 is also there.

In table V_T7INP3 I had delimited the region 06 GA01 old slab code ending on 30.9.2009 and it was showing start date 1.10.2009 . As I have now created 2 slab range I wanted to have the old slab with end date 30.9.2009 and new slab starting 1.10.2009. So I copied GA01 and made it GA02 having start date 1.10.2009 and it got saved.

But when i am making slab code 01 with end date of 30.9.2009 it is giving me error message saying that key already exist for the region. And I do not see 01 in that table V_T7INP3. Cant we have more than 1 slab code for a region?

Am I doing something wrong here? Please advice and help me.

Thanks and regards,