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Former Member
Oct 03, 2009 at 10:00 PM

TECO with goods movement error


Hello Guys,

With reference to thread co718-error-message I am still not clear as what is thr correct behaviour of SAP.

I tried in IDES and in quality system as well : TECO on Prd Ord is allowed even when COGI shows reprocessing error. It is strange that system gives just a warning in CO02 that reprocessing records exists while we are setting the TECO. If we say NO that system says that TECO is prohibited. But if we say YES, then system simply sets the TECO.

As also pointed out by Brahmankar, 185645 note exist to correct it but I am working in ECC 6.0, so this error or behaviour should not be there atall. The correct thing should be system should force that all the material be issued against the order then only, TECO should be done. But it is not so and system is behaving contrary to note 185645. Even during settlement I was not stopped by system for reprocessing issue.

Any thoughts? Please write at the earliest.