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Oct 03, 2009 at 11:27 AM

CMP problem occured in characteristic


Hi Experts,

I need your advice immediatly on an issue i am stuck with.

I have added an infoobject COLEVEL to an existing infoobject 0COSTELMNT as a navigational attribute and have maintained the masteer data. The IO 0COSTELMNT IS compounded to attribute 0CO_AREA.

Now, I had activated the NAV attribute COLEVEL in the required infocube COPAAB and also, identified the chaactersitic in the multiprovider and activated MP successfully.

But, now when i Display data in multi-provider i get an error saying CMP problem has occured with characteristic 0COSTELEMNT.

Multiprovider - ZSDBILL1 & COPAAB

0COSTELEMNT is present in COPAAB but not in ZSDBILL1 and hence, its partly identified in multiprovider.

0CO_AREA is present/idenified in both infocubes.

Since, 0Costelemnt is componded to CO_AREA, CO_AREA from ZSDBILL1 looks for Costelement and does not find it.

One way i think of is adding Cost element to ZSDBILL1, but that is not desired.

Is there any solution to this please. MP is activated, but display gives error. Please suggest.

Another problem, I face now, is where ever the infocube COPAAB has been included in MP, all those MP now on display give CMP problem for some or other reason, which didn't happen till now. In production these MP display fine.

I dont understand, what might have caused the problem. Mainly many are linked to CO_AREA.

Just to add, since, it didnt work. I had deleted COLEVEL and added again to Costelement and checked or even are deleting it from costelement. The MP still pose the same problem ...

Kindly give suggestions immediatly please ...