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Former Member
Oct 02, 2009 at 08:29 PM

Locking data using Work Status or GetonlyRange


Hello All,

I have few questions on the usage of the workstatus locks. I am trying to use it to lock my actuals/plan data for every month after the month is closed and in the case of actuals, lock it always. How do I do this? Actuals and Plan data are displayed in most of the input templates. What is the best way to do it? Is work status the best route or get only range in EVDRE?

The problem with getonly Range in EVDRE is it has to dynamically determine the months it has to lock for the forecast/plan month. How do I do this? Also the get only range does not let submit data into the server but it still lets user edit data. How can avoid it? So I have to find a way to dynamically lock the cells too..

Also, I see that work status can be used. Though I feel work status is helpful more on BPFs. can anyone shed some light on how to achieve this functionality? In BPC 7.0, on the work status settings, i see an additional column for base level hierarchy. It does not let me save the work setting without providing value to it. What is the impact of this property?

Thanks in advance....