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Oct 02, 2009 at 06:14 PM

File Adapter - FTP from PI to Mainframe - change dataset name



I am attempting to ftp a file to our mainframe server using a file adapter with FTP transport protocol. I am able to successfully ftp the file there; however, it does not go into the requested dataset. Let me explain:

FTP account name: ABCD. When connecting via ftp the default starting point is the account name (ABCD). When PI puts the file to the mainframe the dataset name is copied as ABCD.LEVEL1.FILENAME.

However, we need to change levels to the top (above ABCD) and make the dataset name as LEVEL1.FILENAME.

I've searched for hours on SDN and haven't found a good explanation on how to do this and if it is even possible. Can someone provide some assistance?