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Oct 02, 2009 at 02:51 PM

Campaign automation - How to create correct flow?


Hi Experts,

I am trying to understand how campaign automation is working. So fare autostudy works fine.

I did some tests in client 100 with the follwing structure: Campaign (without channel) and two campaign elementes: 1) email with survey X (channel is email with activity), 2) generation of Lead (channel is the lead).

In the campaign modelling screen, I connected campaign with the first campaign element.

1. campaign elemente has a target group, the workflow assigne is "send target group to channel".

I created a decision note for survey, with one rule that is: for everybody that answers survey X conect with 2. campaign element.

2. campaign has marked flag "Start for every respondent", workflow is "Transfer responder to channel".

This works fine in client 100.

But in cliente 200, I get the error "No channel has been entered for the campaign/campaign element".

When I enter target group and channel to campaign in client 200 I am able to start the campaign.

Now I am confused: What is the correct prosses? Use campaign elements with channel data and leave these fiels in blank in campaign?

Or is the neccessary to enter target group and channel data to campaign?? This seems weired to me.

Thanks and best regards,