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Oct 02, 2009 at 02:32 PM

JMS sender (mq) - MTB - XI payload issue


JMS -> PI -> SAP (no BPM at this moment)

MQ has data like this:


JMS ID : c1....afa

Data length: 40

Message data: 11abc


JMS ID : c1....afa

Data length: 60

Message data: 22xyz...


JMS ID : c1....afa

Data length: 10

Message data: 33fghad

I want above to read into PI as:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<ns:MT_data xmlns:ns="http://namespace">
















Followed help page, with xml.conversionType as StructPlain2XML to configure sender JMS channel.

It is converting to XML messages (total 3) with first payload = Header, second payload=Line and 3rd payload=End.

I tried "Correlation Settings" under "Processing Tab" of sender JMS channel to bundle Q having same JMS id (JMS ID : c1....afa) , but no help. It is NOT compiling multiple Q message data to one XI payload.


Do I need to use BPM to collect JMS data with same JMS ID so that I get header, line and End structures?


Any setting need to be done in JMS sender channel - to bundle multiple JMS message to one XI payload?


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