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Oct 02, 2009 at 09:43 AM

Ehp1 for Portal doubt


Hello All,

We are into upgrading our landscape to Enhacement Package 1 for Netweaver 7.0.

We have already upgrading the ECC 6.0 to Ehp4 .We also have Portal 7.0 in our landscape.

I have few doubt about the EHP1 for the Portal Landsacpe.

We have the following system for the Portal

Portal DEV (JAVA only)

Portal QA (JAVA only)

Portal PRD (JAVA only)

NWDI (Dual Stack).

Following is my doubt

1.) Can a NWDI be a separate instance with DUAL stack.

2.) If yes , how can i upgrade the NWDI system. Any special procedure i need to follow.

3.) For the Portal , as i read the installation document , it does not create a shadow system, Am i right

4.) So if it does not create a shadow system then , will it work in Downtime Minimize Option

5.) What is the space requirement for the Portal for EHP1 installation(which all directory needs space eg does usr/sap/SID also requires space since the EHPI is using the JSPM for EHP1 )

I am sorry if the questions are too basic , but i am very confused when it comes to JAVA.


Anthony D'souza