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Oct 02, 2009 at 06:28 AM

Refresh problem in ALV OOPS


Hi all,

I have 3 alv screens which is developed with oops in that 2nd is the result of 1st and 3rd is the result of 2nd. First time output is coming perfectly as required. But if I come back from 2nd to 1st screen and did some changes then if execute second screen changes are not reflecting to that screen (internal tables are perfectly updating). In the 2nd screen if I click on standard refresh button the output is coming perfectly. Same thing happens to 3rd screen also.

I wrote code like this.

If grid not initial.

Create object containeru2026u2026u2026u2026..

Create object gridu2026u2026u2026..

Grid-> set_table_for_first_displayu2026u2026u2026u2026.




For grid I used methods for event TOOLBAR USER_COMMAN only.

Suggest me what I need to do this.