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Oct 02, 2009 at 12:19 AM

Xcelsius and SAP Data not refresh



I have the following configured in Xcelsius in order to display SAP BW data via BOE InfoVIew.

This is my raw data imported from LiveOffice (which is created from Crystal Report that is on top of SAP BW Query):

Contract # Material QTY

4600000055 MAT AAA1 10

4600000056 MAT BBB1 20

4600000057 MAT CCC1 30

I have placed the List Box with following setting:

Labels = select all Contract #

Destination = column F1

I have placed the Column Chart with the following setting:

By Series. Created a new Series called QTY.

Values(Y) = select all the QTY

Category Labels(X) = select all the Material

In xcelsius ->Manage Connection, I have set the following:

Refresh on trigger Cell = column F1.

When I run the Xcelius, I have the List Box and Column Chart display.

When I select the Contract on the List Box, the data in Column Chart is not refresh/change to that I selected from the List Box. It seem like there is no connection/link

between the List BOx and Column Chart.

What is wrong? Bug?

I am on Xcelsius Enterprise 2008, BOE 3.1. No SP2 applied for both.

Please help. Thank you.