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Oct 01, 2009 at 10:27 PM

Navigating away from Web Dynpro after warning.


Hi Experts,

I wanted to see if anyone can shed light on something I've been trying to implement. I'm working with NWDS 7.0.18

I developed a collection of WDP Java apps that reside in the same workset.

While working in one of the apps, if the user clicks a link to another app in the detailed navigation area and they haven't saved what they have been doing in the current app, then I want to display a message like: "You haven't saved you worked, are you sure you want to leave?? YES/NO"

If the user clicks yes, how do I navigate them to the app they clicked on? Or the role they clicked on? Or the workset they clicked on? I have put the above message in the wdDoExit() method of the View controller. The method checks for unsaved changes and if so, displays the message. I have two event handlers YesExit and NoExit. NoExit does nothing, what do I need to put in YesExit??

Any help is greatly appreciated.