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Oct 01, 2009 at 06:52 PM

Adobe Timesheet design...


Hi Friends,

We got a requirement to create time sheet in adobe.

Requirement is as follows:

1. Header Data : Will have employee number and name

2. Time Sheet Data: Will have clock in, clock out and Hours worked. This sheet will be a dynamic internal table.

3. Time Cost Data: Will have Cost center, WBS Element, Position, Activity Type. This is again a dynamic internal table.

Finally All these data should go and store in CATSDB table.

I am assuming that by following way I can achieve this. Please correct me if i am wrong.

Adobe Design:

Header Data: I will create a structure with those fields in adobe interface and map them to the context.

Time Sheet Data and Time Cost Data: Will create internal tables separately and map them to the context.

Web Dynpro Design:

1. I will create a context with main node ZINTERACTIVE with Cardinality 1..1

2. Header data context with cardinality 1..1

3. Time Sheet data context with cardinality 1..n

4. Time Cost data context with cardinality 1...n

5. ROW_STATUS attribute to store ADD/REMOVE value.

So totally one root node and three sub nodes will be there. Does this structure work?

Using Web dynpro coding I will read the header, time sheet and time cost data and upload the same to CATSDB.

I am a beginner in Online interactive forms. Hence kindly help me how to proceed ahead and correct me if i am wrong.

Thanks a lot in advance.


Phani Shankar.K