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Oct 01, 2009 at 04:12 PM

recreate database from backup after drop -with or without sapinst ?



I am in a trouble ; I encountered a bug in our db2 database and one IBM recommendation is to drop and recreate database from backup (there is a second option to repair this bug and avoid restore but until now this solution from ibm didn't work for us)- it's absolutely necessary to drop database before restore , replace is not enough .

The system is SAP XI 3.0 (abap+java) / db2 v8.2 .

My question is whether is mandatory to use sapinst to recreate database and then restore it from backup. SAP support told me that the right steps are drop db, recreate with sapinst and then restore from backup. I additionally asked sap support for supplementary information but i have no response yet.

So , I am confused why is necessary sapinst in this case ? db2 restore is not enough ? I know that db2 restore recreate not only datafiles (containers) but also other file - database path directory, configuration file , etc.

maybe is not a good question but i am somehow beginner in sap world ; i have deeper skills in db server administration.

Also , I'm afraid if any impact exist in xi landscape configuration following drop/restore db ( i think that all xi configuration are stored in database and i expect that these configuration remain valid after restore, isn't it ?).

Thank you !

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