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Oct 01, 2009 at 04:03 PM

Use of PIR consumption for advance material order (MTO prototype)


Hi planing Gurus,

I am investigating the possibility to use PIR to trigger replenishement long lead time sub level mfg or purchase products in the context of building MTO prototype. I believe I could use planning strategy 70/consumption mode VSFB to handle eventual actual requirements that will be created at higher levels.

Q1. The parameters Fwd and Bwd consumption in MRP 3 are limitted. For instance, if I set 7 days each the system will only consider actual demand in this timeframe. I am not too in favor to set large value there to manage the fact that actual demand may not occur exactly as planned by the PIR. Is there any way the consumption can be iterative (eg. bwd 7, fwd 7, bwd 14, fwd 14)?

Q2. Is there another mean to trigger replenishment of long lead time mfg part/purch part in the contexte of MTO prototype and manage consumption.

Your help is greatly appreciate and speed up my curve to learn SAP PP architecture (I have experience with other mfg systems).

Francois Paquet