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Oct 01, 2009 at 03:22 PM

MIGO vs. VL32N and Stock Type


Does anyone know why MIGO allows the stock type to be changed at time of posting GR, but the same cannot be done in VL32N for inbound deliveries? The only way to change the stock type in case of inbound delivery is to delete the delivery, change the stock type on the PO and recreate the inbound delivery. Obviously this is a burdensome process.

We have cases where the receiving staff makes the determination at time of GR to post certain stock into quality inspection, for example if the stock has signs of shipping damage, etc and the inability to change the stock type is a serious concern.

If we can somehow manage to customize VL32n to open up field INSMK to change, are we running any risk of data inconsistencies? Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated.