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Oct 01, 2009 at 02:20 PM

How to close a Window?


Dear All

Being not much experienced, i have few simple basic questions needs your help to solve.... Thanks....

1) How to close a window.

Requirement: I created a form in my view which has a button. What i want is if i press the button it should close the iView.

2) In my view, I created a menu bar having 2 menus & each menu has 2 menu items.

Requirement: I want to have only one method/ action name (say: 'Go') for all the menu items. So once we click on any menu item, it should display the name of menu item i clicked.

3) In our exception coding, we find "e.printStackTrace()", where can we find this value?

4) I created my own model data & metadata for creating RFC & that works fine. But problem is i m not getting model/metadata in dropdown list while creating RFC, i m getting only default Model data & MetaData.

Requirement: How can i get my Modeldata/metada in the dropdown list?

5) While creating a Portal User through WebDynpro, i am getting the following error, how can i solve it.

"No data source feels responsible for principal. Please check the data source configuration!"

Appreciate for your help!!