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Oct 01, 2009 at 01:39 PM

displaying the same field more than once with different conditions


I'm trying to display the same field called {Start Date} more than once on a report, but with different conditional formatting for each one, and they are coming up blank. The conditions are using a seperate field called I created 3 different formulas to display the 3 different fields...see below: Formula #1: If = 10 then {start date}

Formula #2: If = 20 then {start date} Formula #3: If = 30 then {start date}

But when I try and display formulas #1,2, and 3 on the report they are all blank. I'm trying to display them side by side...see below:

[Formula #1] [Formula #2] [Formula #3]

Can anyone help me out with this?