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Oct 01, 2009 at 12:50 PM

Help with transformation formula/routine!


Hi all!

I'm preparing data for a report which will be used as an import template for another external program.

We have all these account numbers in SAP R/3 and BI that is made up of 6 digits.

I have to translate them in to the format needed for my report.

Only problem is - there is a lot of accounts.

For example - account 500000-519999 is going to be translated in to number 5010, so all of those numbers will receive the same account in the report.

How do one go about writing such a transformation routine or formula for this? Is there a way to include an array in to a formula like "IF ZACCOUNT = {500000-519999}, "5010", "NOT ASSIGNED" "

Something like that?

Thankful for every bit of help that I can receive on this!