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Former Member
Oct 01, 2009 at 11:45 AM

Quality score based on rejections


Hi Experts,

Below are my queries :

1) I want to give the quality score with respective to rejections.since quality score is dependent on UD, every time i reject the material and give the UD as R I'm getting the same score irrespective of quantity this case if i reject material quantity 10 or 20 or 30 quality score is same .so as to manage this scoring.I can not create number of UD because I don't know how many defects I will get and it is not fixed thing all the time.Is there any automatic calculation of scoring method based on rejections ?

2) A lot is generated and it has 10 quantity of a material.If I accept 5 and reject 5 in the T-Code QA11 what UD I have to give A or R since we can give only one UD at a time in the Inspection Lot.Is there any other procedure to reject the goods apart from one single T-Code (QA11) to have different UD's

Kindly tell me the procedure of Accepting and rejecting on material in one single LOT.