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Oct 01, 2009 at 11:36 AM

Move assignment



For expaining the scenario i am copying below the custom code , but the problem is happening in a standard code

REPORT yztest.

DATA: source(10) TYPE p DECIMALS 4 VALUE 100,

destin(256) TYPE c.

MOVE source TO destin .

WRITE / destin.

The output of this code is coming as blank when its suppose to display '100.0000' , not sure whats happening. Surprisingly if i change the length of destin to 10 from 256 its displaying correct value. data: destin(10) TYPE c.

Did anyone come accross such a scenario before? The problem is its a standard code and i can only change the datatype of source through config but not the destin and also source will contain numebrs with decimals

Many Thanks,