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Oct 09, 2018 at 05:19 PM

No service found for namespace /SAP/, name


Hi all

I have the mentioned error trying to test my OData service on GW.

I created the functions and the OData service on ECC development, and then I activated the service on GWQ mandant 100 (we use 100 for development and 200 for quality), using the RFC pointing to ECC dev. Everything was fine and I was able to develop my app and deploy it to the development launchpad.

Problem is with the next steps, as I am not sure what the process should it be.

I passed the Transport request to ECC quality without problems. And on GWQ 200 (quality) I saw the services on /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE, but it didnt had any alias asigned to it. So I tried to assign it, selecting "add system alias". But when I try to test the service it then gives the following error:

No service found for namespace /SAP/, name ZWF_FMBB_SRV, version 0001

I am not sure how should I manage the alisases, or transports to do everything right, as the transport that I had to create to activate the service on GWQ 100, I didnt do anything with it.