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Oct 01, 2009 at 10:31 AM

Failed to add hot standby instances in liveCache Hotstandby setup


Hi All,

I am trying to setup Hot Standby between two HP-UX IA64 hosts and facing few issues. Given below are the setup details.

Hosts: HP-UX IA64 B.11.31

liveCache version:

Storage: EMC Symmetrix

maxDB Database Manager:

These are the steps I did using maxDB GUI

1. Added primary server (i.e. MASTER).

2. Made it online to validate the setup.

3. Made it offline, so that Hot Standby System can be enabled.

4. Enabled the Hot Standby System, and created a virtual server name entry.

5. Made the primary online, so that standby instances can be added.

6. Tried adding Hot Standby instances and saw a pop-up message with following error.


"-24994 Runtime environment error [hss_addstandby ...]; 20090, Check knldiag! Kernel exited with '0' before reaching ADMIN state"


Found the following error message in KnlMsg file of SECONDARY/STANDBY host.


<MSGL _NO="110" _PROCESS="20561" _THREAD="0x19" _TASK="2" _TIME="2009-10-01 13:04:33.000">

<MSG _NO="1" _TYPE="Error" _ID="20049" _COMP="RTEHSS" TEXT="Call to RTEHSSInit failed since RTEHSS_Api is not usable">




_TIME="2009-10-01 13:04:33.000"


</MSG> failed dlopen failed:Unable to find library &





_TIME="2009-10-01 13:04:32.000"



<MSG _NO="3" _ID="20048" _COMP="Admin" _TEXT="The database parameters are neither correctly configured for &apos;HotStandby&apos; nor for &apos;Normal&apos

; operation.">




_TIME="2009-10-01 13:04:33.000"





The library is available on the STANDBY host and has correct permissions.


  1. ll /usr/symcli/shlib/apps/SAP/

-rwxrwxrwx 1 sdb sdba 297720 Sep 17 21:51 /usr/symcli/shlib/apps/SAP/



Any help/pointer on resolving the issue will be appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,

Mohammed Firdosh Nasim.