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Oct 01, 2009 at 09:51 AM

account determination PRD-PRA


Dear SAP gurus,

My company has just gone live. We are using material ledger at the moment, where in this case, when there is an inventory transaction occuring, first accounting document will be posted as we're using standard price and there will be second accounting doc that will re-adjust the price. Usually the settlement will be using price difference account.

It seems that when we do GI for a material, and along the road the material price is changed, when we cancel the GI, the second acc doc is using price difference account BUT the first acc doc is using another GL account. This is odd, where usually the first acc doc and second acc doc is cancelling each other out, but in this case as different GL account being used, it is not (minus going to GL acc A, and plus going to GL acc B).

After investigation we think this is happened because account assigned to PRD is different with the one in PRD-PRA. So I think we must make it the same. The problem is the consultant has gone and we actually not really know why the account is set up differently in the first place.

So the question which kind of scenario we need to set up different account for PRD-PRA compared with PRD? OR is it usually need to be the same?

Please advice.

Best regards,