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Former Member
Sep 30, 2009 at 04:26 PM

No BOM explosion for sub-contract purchased materials



I have searched google and this forum and have not found any info on this. Hopefully someone has run across this same situation and can help.

We do not want to have a bom explosion happen for externally procured materials (using CU51). We are using user exit CCUX0800 (EXIT_SAPLCUKO_008) to set no_expl_ext_procurement = 'X'. This works good, except if the material is set up for external procurement (marc-beskz = "F") and also has a special procurement (marc-sobsl) of "30". Include LCUKOFFB says to still explode the BOM if the special procurement is "30".

Does anyone know why it does this? We don't want the bom to explode for externally procured parts even if they are set up as subcontracting ("30"). Any way we can do this with a different user exit?

Thank you.