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Former Member
Sep 30, 2009 at 02:47 PM

Asset Not Posting In the GL @ Asset Retirement


Hello All,

Our client is facing a problem which is as below.

We have done retirement of an asset the steps done are follows.

1. ABAON - Sale with revenue with out customer.

The GL are updated with respect to depreciation area 01 , book dpreciation.

2.ASKB , periodic processing for the updation of depriciation area 02 - tax dpreciation.

Only the clearing account is getting updated.

The loss on sale of asset & revenue from the sale of asset GL are not updated in this case.

I have checked the configuration in AO90 and GL are perfectly assigned correctly for both the depreciation areas 01 & 02

Can any one help me in finding why its not getting posted.

Is there any steps missing in the process.

Also note depreciation posting for 01 is real time and 02 its manual yearly one. But there is some depreciation posted in earlier year so there is actual loss on sale of asset

Thanks In Advance