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SAP Retail Components

Hi Experts,

I am New to SAP Retail, I want to Enable SAP Retails in Our SAP ERP system We have upgraded our system to

EHP7 FOR SAP ERP 6.0EHP7 FOR SAP ERP 6.012 (07/2016)sap.comEHP7 FOR SAP ERP 6.0

I had activated the SAP Retails in SFW5


And I also Activated EA-RET in Enterprise Extensions

What all business function to be activated in Enterprise Business Function which is listed below.

ISR_APPL_AGENCY_4 Trade, Agency Business 4 SAP_APPL 605 LO-MD ISR_APPL_AGENCY_5 Trade, Agency Business 5 SAP_APPL 606 LO-MD ISR_APPL_AGENCY_6 Trade, Agency Business 6 SAP_APPL 617 LO-MD ISR_APPL_CRM_INTEG Retail, Master Data Integration in CRM 01 (Reversible) SAP_APPL 605 LO-MD ISR_APPL_OUTBOUND_DMF Retail, Export of Data to Promotion Mgmt SAP_APPL 605 LO-MD ISR_APPL_PCI_DSS Retail, PCI Data Security Standard - Credit Card Information (Reversible) SAP_APPL 605 LO-MD ISR_APPL_POS_INTEG Retail, POS Integration with IDoc Size Control SAP_APPL 605 LO-MD ISR_APPL_PRICE_OPTIM Retail, Optimization of Price Determination (Reversible) SAP_APPL 617 LO-MD ISR_APPL_RRPL Retail, Rapid Replenishment Planning (Reversible) SAP_APPL 617 LO-MD ISR_APPL_SCM_2 Retail, Connectivity to F&R 5.2 (Reversible) SAP_APPL 606 LO-MD ISR_APPL_STORE_CON Enhancements for Retail Store Connectivity (Reversible) SAP_APPL 617 LO-MD ISR_APPL_USABILITY Retail, Usability SAP_APPL 605 LO-MD ISR_EARETAIL_SCM Retail, Supply Chain (EA-RETAIL) EA-RETAIL 602 LO ISR_EARET_PLANNING Retail,Planning and Master Data (EA-RETAIL) EA-RETAIL 602 LO ISR_RETAIL_BONUS_BUY Retail, Bonus Buy with New User Interface EA-RETAIL 605 LO ISR_RETAIL_BUYING Retail, Buying (Reversible) EA-RETAIL 602 LO ISR_RETAIL_CHAR_VALUES Business Function for Characteristic Values (Reversible) EA-RETAIL 617 LO ISR_RETAIL_CI Retail, Continuous Improvements Planning, Master Data, Allocation (EA-Retail) EA-RETAIL 604 LO ISR_RETAIL_CRM_INTEG Retail, Master Data Integration in CRM 02 (Reversible) EA-RETAIL 605 LO ISR_RETAIL_DSD Retail, Direct Store Delivery Master Data Maintenance (Reversible) EA-RETAIL 604 LO ISR_RETAIL_DSD_2 Retail, Direct Store Delivery Master Data New Features (Reversible) EA-RETAIL 605 LO ISR_RETAIL_ENH_MAT_SEARCH Retail, MM Enhanced Material Search with Creation EA-RETAIL 605 LO ISR_RETAIL_GDS Retail, Global Data Synchronization EA-RETAIL 603 LO ISR_RETAIL_INDIA_LOC Retail, Margin Protection Localization for India (Reversible) EA-RETAIL 605 LO ISR_RETAIL_INSTORE_FPD Retail, Instore Food Production EA-RETAIL 603 LO ISR_RETAIL_INSTORE_FPD_2 Retail, Instore Food Production 2 EA-RETAIL 604 LO ISR_RETAIL_MAP_IF Retail, MAP Interface EA-RETAIL 603 LO ISR_RETAIL_MAP_IF2 Retail, MAP Interface 2 EA-RETAIL 605 LO ISR_RETAIL_MATERIAL_LEDGER Business Function for Material Ledger in Retail (Reversible) EA-RETAIL 617 LO ISR_RETAIL_MCF_R1 SAP Multichannel Foundation for SAP ERP and SAP Retail EA-RETAIL 617 LO ISR_RETAIL_MCF_R2 SAP Multichannel Foundation 2.0 for SAP ERP and SAP Retail (Reversible) EA-RETAIL 617 LO ISR_RETAIL_OFR_INTG_SFWS Offer Promo Integration allowing updates in the subsequent processing documents (Reversible) EA-RETAIL 617 LO ISR_RETAIL_OUTBOUND_DMF Retail, Export of Retail-Specific Data to Promotion Mgmt EA-RETAIL 605 LO ISR_RETAIL_PERISH_PROCUREMENT Retail, Perishables Procurement (EA-RETAIL) (Reversible) EA-RETAIL 604 LO ISR_RETAIL_PLANNING Retail, Planning and Master Data SAP_APPL 602 LO-MD ISR_RETAIL_PODATELINES Business Function for Datelines in Classical PO (Reversible) EA-RETAIL 617 LO ISR_RETAIL_PODATELINES_02 Enhancements for PO Datelines (Reversible) EA-RETAIL 617 LO ISR_RETAIL_POS_INBOUND Enhancements for POS Inbound: Processing of not listed articles (Reversible) EA-RETAIL 617 LO ISR_RETAIL_POS_INTEG Retail, POS Integration EA-RETAIL 604 LO ISR_RETAIL_PROMO Retail, Import of Promotional Data and Funct. Enhancements EA-RETAIL 605 LO ISR_RETAIL_PROMO_2 Retail, Inbound Promotions 2 (Reversible) EA-RETAIL 606 LO ISR_RETAIL_PSM Business Function for Protected Species Management (Reversible) EA-RETAIL 617 LO ISR_RETAIL_RMA Retail, Retail Method of Accounting EA-RETAIL 603 LO ISR_RETAIL_RMA_2 Retail, Retail Method of Accounting 2 EA-RETAIL 604 LO ISR_RETAIL_RMA_3 Retail, RMA Cost Allocations EA-RETAIL 605 LO ISR_RETAIL_SCM Retail, Supply Chain SAP_APPL 602 LO-MD ISR_RETAIL_STORE Retail, Store & Multichannel EA-RETAIL 602 LO ISR_RETAIL_STORE_2 Retail, Store & Multichannel: Enhanced Material Search for Sales Orders EA-RETAIL 603 LO ISR_RETAIL_STORE_3 Retail, Store & Multichannel 3 - New Store User Interface EA-RETAIL 604 LO ISR_RETAIL_STORE_4 Retail, In-Store Merchandise and Inventory Management EA-RETAIL 605 LO ISR_RETAIL_USABILITY Retail, Usability (EA-RETAIL) (Reversible) EA-RETAIL 605 LO ISR_RET_AGENCY Trade, Agency Business SAP_APPL 602 LO-MD ISR_RET_AGENCY_2 Trade, Agency Business 2 SAP_APPL 603 LO-MD ISR_RET_AGENCY_3 Trade, Agency Business 3 SAP_APPL 604 LO-MD ISR_RET_CD/FT_EWM Retail, Merchandise Distribution-SAP EWM Integration SAP_APPL 604 LO-MD ISR_RET_CROSS_DOCK_IF Retail, Cross-Docking Interface for an External WMS SAP_APPL 603 LO-MD ISR_RET_PERISH_PROCUREMENT Retail, Perishables Procurement SAP_APPL 604 LO-MD

Please provide a solution



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