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Former Member
Sep 30, 2009 at 11:36 AM

Universe Connection change problem - activate a chain of failures


Hi Experts,

I have Edge XI 3.1 trial version.

When I make a new universe and change the existing connection (for multi provider - bw) to antoher multi provider, in some cases my designer crashes. Why does this happen? Any ideas?

So I have to break down the designer with the Windows Task Manager. When I want to relog into designer the following messeage appears:

[repo_proxy 13] Session Facade :: openSession Logon with user info has failed (All of your system's 5 Conurrent Access Licenses are in use at this time ...). Try again later or contact .... . (FWB 00014)(hr=#0x80042910)

I think, that my user is still logged in. So I restart the CMS. Can I do sth. else in this moment?

After the CMS is restarted I retry to log in. Now the following failure message appears:

You cant get access to the Repository (USR0013).

When I want to check the servers on the CMC. The Browser load and load and I get no connection.

After I restart my PC the problems with the designer are solved.

So how can I break the failure chain or fix the individual problems.