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Sep 30, 2009 at 11:02 AM

DSO replacement values troubles



I have problem on a DSO based on the std extractor 2LIS_11_VASCL (sales order schedule line). in this extractor there is the net price and quantity.

i created a DSO with key Sales doc/item/shedule line.

in my transformation my quantity is in addition mode and my price in replacement.

In one delta update i saw a wrong price (old price). the new price was not added.

i check psa table and i can see in the correct sort the line of creation, cancellation, and new line.

When i check in the DSO queue the price is not correct (old one)

when i made s simulation in Transformation code (loop at datapackage) i saw that it treat data not in the right sequence that's why my price is not correct.

example in psa

first line : doc 10 item 1 price 73 qty 10000

second lien : doc 10 item 1 price 73 qty -1000 cancel flag X

last line : doc 10 item price 64 qty 1000

result in DSO

doc 10 item 1 price 73 qty 1000

I have the price in this case but i have another field which is in replacement. but i can not accept the solution if flag is X make price * - 1

Thanks for help.