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Sep 30, 2009 at 09:54 AM

How to create a table control from a program internal table


Hi all,

I try to create a table control that matches following requirements :

- the source table is an internal table from program (not a dictionary table)

- I need to specify my own column header titles

- the fields need to be editable

- some of the columns fields must be displayed as checkboxes, other one as texts

When I try using "Table Control WIth Wizard", the generated TabControl has the expected columns titles but the fields are not displayed as checkboxes. Moreoever, when I look at "Dictionnary, program Fields list", the table fields choosed using wizard are locked (a padlock is displayed in front of the line) So, I can not check "checkbox display"

When I try using simple Table Control -I mean without ALV-, I can use the "checkbox display" for wanted fields but I don't know how to specify the resquired columns headers titles

So, could you please help me ? How to do both : maage columsn header titles and display some of the columns as checkboxes ?

thanks for help