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Sep 30, 2009 at 08:15 AM

lock at node level


Hello SAP Guru,

I have planning input query. I have two button 1) Save 2) Divided.

This is the following scenario :

I have the planning colums for three month in my query with node and leaf.

node-1 100

Leaf-1 50

Leaf-2 20

Leaf-3 30

If I change the number at leaf level and do not want to change the total at nodes,simply I want to lock at node level.

Ex: If I change the number at leaf-2 from 20 to 40 then my total at node must remain 100 (Fix or lock) and the difference (100-40) should be distrubuted amoung others leafs once I click the button Divided, as show in the following example.

node-1 100

Leaf-1 35

Leaf-2 40

Leaf-3 25

Please let me know if you have solution for the above problem.

Thanks in advance.

With regards,


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