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Sep 30, 2009 at 06:44 AM

Recover as a unit option



I've heard that setting the "Recover as a unit" option in the workflow object, will cause whole workflow is treated as a block. I have 4 dataflows in a workflow and would like to run them as a unit. If one of a dataflows crashes, I want all the data rolled back like nothing has happened. As If even one dataflow fails, I don't care if the other have executed successfully, everything should be rolled back.(like wrapping all dataflows in a big transaction block).

I set the "Recover as a unit" for the workflow, the last dataflow in the workflow failed, I expected all data loaded in the other dataflows in the workflow had been rolled back. when I examined the data, however I noticed the hasn't happened. Half of the tables had affected successfully and half not.

Is my expectation from this option incorrect? If so, how I can ask Data services to see the workgflow as a unit and roll back any changes if even one part of it fails?

Thanks for your help in advance.