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Sep 29, 2009 at 06:35 PM

Deletions for external delta management...


Hi experts,

We have a process loading data from an external system with customer info into a DSO in BW (7.0).

Since the data sometimes takes around 10 days to settle down, we have a process in place that:

- deletes the past 10 days of data from the DSO active table,

- loads data for the past 10 days from the external system via a full load to the DSO

- and finally a DTP to an infocube

The DSO was prevously used in an Infoset for reporting, but because of performance reasons we added the Cube.

My problem is that I need to ensure the Cube is not duplicating data since the change log of the DSO will be getting updated with multiple rows for some data.

I am thinking of using RSDRD_DELETE_FACTS to force a deletion from the cube for the same specific 10 day window as is done on the DSO, but not sure how to address the change log table without having to purge it before every load (using the process chain process and setting the 'days older than' parameter to zero.

Is there a simpler way to keep the DSO and cube data synchronized?

Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated!