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Sep 29, 2009 at 05:33 PM

Unable to launch XCM for custom ISA app


Hello Experts,

We are in a process of upgrading CRM4.0 to CRM7.0. We have custom isa

useradm app and want it to work for CRM7.0. We have follow the

instructions as in ISA dev and extension guide 7.0 and also follow the

note 1070753 for modifying the xml files.

The custom app is successfuly deployed on the server. However, we are

unable to lauch the XCM; getting error:

Error [javax.servlet.ServletException: Initialization of Extended

Configuration Management failed.

Could not initialize XCM configuration in Database.

Check if you have deployed the Software Component 'SAP JAVA DATA


We have checked in the table CRM_XCM_APPCONF and we couldn't see our

custom app listed in the table.

The question, what do we need to do for the entries to appear in the

table? and be able to launch the XCM? or what are we missing?

We have verified that SC for Java Dictionary is there on our track.

Appreciate any inputs.