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Sep 29, 2009 at 03:30 PM

function module FKK_CREATE_DOC_AND_CLEAR


I'm trying to use the function FKK_CREATE_DOC_AND_CLEAR, but it complains about an unblocked partner or account.

I don't kkonw how to block a partner (GPART) or account (VKONT).

I tried functions FKK_ENQ_INTERVAL_SET, ENQUEUE_EFKKCLEGP, ENQUEUE_EFKKCLEVK, DEQUEUE_EFKKCLEGP and DEQUEUE_EFKKCLEVK, but does not seem to work, or at least I don't know how tu use them.

the message is


You tried to clear or change an open item for business partner 400000561

and contract account 100000320 in company code XXXX. This is only

permitted if business partner and contract account are locked for other

processing. The corresponding locks do not exist in the case in


System Response

Error message. The posting or the document change is not executed.


As this is a program error, you must cancel processing. In mass

processing, processing of the current transaction is automatically canceled.

help me