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Sep 29, 2009 at 10:11 AM

Release of parked document affects other document types



we are using the standard parked-vendor-invoice-with-workflow scenario in production since 1, 5 years.

Now we want to start using the parking function for customer invoices as well, but without release requirement and workflow.

For some reason the release scenario is automatically also activated for the customer invoices (document type DR) . I. e the "release necessary" flag is set automatically in the workflow tab strip in the parked customer invoice and the workflow (for the vendor invoice scenario) is triggered as well for the customer invoice.

We have configured a workflow variant and defined the document release as active from 1 SEK. We have assigned the wf-variant to a company code.

An approval path has been defined and assigned to the workflow variant, release approval group and the document type KR (vendor invoice). The approval path is also assigned to a workflow.

We thought that by defining the document type specifically in the assignment of the approval path to the combination workflow variant, release approval group and document type, we could restrict the release scenario to be activated only for a specific document type. This does not seem to happen. Is this a known bug?

Kind regards

Viveka Schwartz