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Sep 29, 2009 at 09:21 AM

DMEE tree- sub batch num - count problem


Hi All

I have created a DMEE tree for Bank file, Tree type PAYM. There is a node subbatch num in Detail header, this should be numeric and should start from 001 and next record should be 002 and so on. In the mapping procedure I have selected Structure field, and Structure as SYST and field name TABIX. but on the output file I cant see any output for those fields

SD 0006394900C0527490000438124693Mmola Pitsankahwa

SD 0006395200C2524420060120296129Hlongwane Siphiwe

it should be like

SD0010006394900C0527490000438124693Mmola Pitsankahwa

SD0020006395200C2524420060120296129Hlongwane Siphiwe