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Sep 29, 2009 at 06:46 AM

Billing document dose not exsist.



Using TR code VF01 I have created billing document. I got the billing document number at the bottom of screen.

Now when I am trying to see the same either in VF02 or VF03 I am getting message u201CBilling document dose not existu201D.

In document flow also the billing document number is not seen. (Example billing document No.0000000001)

On to this if I use the same delivery number I can create one more billing document. I am getting next billing document number.

(Example billing document No.0000000002)

Now if I want to see this number (VF02/VF03) same error is thrown.

Will anybody give solution for this.

This problem is on production client so your earliest suggestion is appreciated.

( Note - All master data is ok)