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Sep 29, 2009 at 05:30 AM

Interface View interaction in DC


I am calling an interface view dc as pop up window from another dc.

The first time it works fine. When I hit the close or select option in interface view..the event handler destroy's the window instance. When I select the button to open the pop up again, it does not go through the wdDoInit, instead it retains the last state of the popup and hence does not initialize the content of the pop up.

I have done this with all views in same project. I am seeing this issue only when I am using the interface view which was declared as public part.

If I refresh the screen and come back again, it works. What am I missing. Do I need to initialize Interface View Instance every time I call pop up. If so how do I do that.

I am stuck at this and need to resolve this. Any help or discussion is highly appreciated..