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Sep 28, 2009 at 12:24 AM

Do i need to start looking elsewhere...?


Hi All,

Something has been bugging me for the last year or two and that's the Portal and ABAP. I've been involved in Portal technology for the last 6 years and enjoying it. I've been in development, administration, and going through the ups and downs of NWDI.

Lets start with the Portal, I've been hearing that SAP does not have a strong feeling about the portal (long term) especially with business client in the mix. I mean a friend of mine questioned what does the portal really offer to customers these days? These things concern me as wondering if i reached the point where i need to start looking at adding different skills to my arsenal of other SAP skills (all Java and Portal related) or in need of a career change. The second challenge is trying to break into ABAP, I've reached the conclusion that in order to call yourself an SAP developer you got to know ABAP. All I read these days is how SAP is moving all their existing applications to Web Dynpro for ABAP etc etc etc. Since I don't know procedural development is it wise to jump into ABAP OO and starting learning Web Dynpro for ABAP? I have alot of knowledge in Web Dynpro for Java fo this should hold me in good stead. Yeah, lots to think about but thats the nature of IT...never stop learning i guess. It would be nice to hear peoples thoughts on these matters if anyone else is going through the same concerns.