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Sep 27, 2009 at 01:19 PM

Batch lock of the material by user



The scenerio is-

User1 is doing the following transaction-Create stock transport PO fora material (plant 1000 to plant 1100) - Create outbound delivery VL10B(Goods issue is also done- and he is in the screen MIGO(goods receipt in plant 1100 against outbound delivery for which goods issue is done.Automatic batch determination is activated and the batch is determined by FEFO method.

User2 is creating a sale order for the same material from plant 2000.Subsequently, delivery is created and batch is determined and also the batch determined is the same as that of the previous one.

Now both are in the same screen.When the user2 is trying to do PGI the system is giving error message the batch of the material is locked by the user but the interesting this if it is viceversa ie with the user2 in the delivery screen and the user1 is trying to take goods receipt in plant 1100,the system is allowing to take the goods receipt of the material.

I also tried the following change in configuration-SPR0->Materials Management->General Settings for Materials Management->Set material block for goods movements.

I changed from lock exclusively to late lock but the system is still not allowing in the above mentioned scenerio.

Can any one tell why it is so and what is to be to rectify the same.