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Sep 25, 2009 at 08:45 PM

Error creating BIA index


Currently having an issue where we can no longer activate a BIA index for one of our infocubes. We get the following error when running the activation in rsddv:

@5C@ Creation of logical index 'ZCPOS4A' terminated. Error text:

@5C@ An index already exists with the same name;index=b

@5C@ wp_zcpos4a,location=sapbap01:30003 2003

@5C@ Creation of BIA index for InfoCube 'ZCPOS4A' terminated during


We tried to manually delete the index from BIA using the standalone TREXAdmin tool. We deleted all occurrances of zcpos4a from the INDEX -Landscape window. The cube is still listed in the INDEX -Admin window, but is says "error2007index does not exist". Is there any other place that may reference this index?

This issue started occurring after one of the blades in our landscape crashed. All servers are now back up and running.

Any help on this issue is appreciated. Thanks.