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Sep 25, 2009 at 06:28 PM

Let the system calculate the tax amounts ???


Hello SAP experts,

Our environemnt is R/3 4.7. We have an INVOICE iDoc which gives the below error when posted in the system. We have verified and everything seems to be fine with the data. The vendor master settings are good. The iDoc posted fine when we are removing the tax code from segments - E1EDK04 and E1EDP04 i.e. making it blank. Can someone please help me out? Please let me know if I am posting it to wrong forum.

Let the system calculate the tax amounts

Message no. FF752


You are posting using a tax code for which the total of the tax amounts (including the non-deductible portions) is zero but which contains values other than zero in the individual items. You have neither entered a tax amount for this tax code nor have you let the system calculate the taxes.


If this message is a warning message, then you can confirm your entries by pressing "Continue".

If this message is an error message, then you

Enter the taxes on a detailed level,

Let the system calculate the taxes,

Enter a different tax code.

Procedure for System Administration

Check the tax code and, if necessary, define it in Customizing for taxes on sales/purchases.

To do this, choose Maintain entries (F5).