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Errors in source system Message no. RSM340 (Checked the threads available)

Dear All,

While extracting Data from ECC source system, Data load is getting failed in BW side, mentioning Issues in the source system (Message No. RSM340).

1) We changed the Schedule of the jobs but no use, it worked properly for one day but next day same problem.

2) We checked with Basis Team for the report RSDBTIME in ECC and BW, but there is no inconstancies found.

3) We checked the System Processes as well but system was not loaded at that time.

4) Related jobs in source system are getting completed but getting failed in BW side.

5) There is no issue with data as well.

Has anyone got any other resolution for this problem.

Thanks & Regards,


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2 Answers

  • Posted on Oct 08, 2018 at 11:51 PM

    1. Please check slg1 / sm21 / st22 in the source system. Sometimes there's error there.

    2. Make sure the remote RFC user in both bw and source system has the enough authorization according to note:

    150315 BW-Authorizations for Remote-User in BW and OLTP

    ( SAP_ALL and SAP_NEW are not enough authorization to background users.)

    If still cannot find the cause, you could report an incident to SAP under component BC-BW.

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  • Posted on Oct 11, 2018 at 05:56 AM




    I checked as mention but there is not detailed log for the same.

    We have these 2 job logs,

    In the Issue one we can see

    1) Statement "1 LUWs confirmed and 1 LUWs to be deleted with function module RSC2_QOUT_CONFIRM_DATA ---- This statement is not there in successful job.

    2) Statement "Call customer enhancement BW_BTE_CALL_BW204010_E (BTE) with 206 records (Message 407) is missing in Issue job log.

    3) PSA = 1 USING SMQS SCHEDULER / IF (tRFC=ON) STARTING qRFC ELSE STARTING SAPI (Message 299) is missing in Issue job log.

    issue.jpg (121.5 kB)
    sucess.jpg (161.4 kB)
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