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Sep 25, 2009 at 07:05 AM

Transaction Laucher for ECC - Not Authorized Error


Hi Experts,

I am trying to call ECC transaction 'CV03N' on CRM 7.0 UI. We have done the logical client ITS settings and given URL as :


and done other configurations as required, and made ZTSTC, made it synchornous and released.

But when i click on the link created on UI, it open ECC WebGUI, but gives information message 'You do not have authorization for transaction cvo3n', but when i open the transaction manually by entering, it gets opened.

I checked in SU53, it says last authorization check successful, also it asked for the login credentials for the first time for ECC, but from next time onwards it is not asking. Is this how it is supposed to work. As far as i know, it should not ask for login credentials at all.


I changed the EXECUTE method code to remove authority check, now it is giving dump on webUI saying that transaction 'CV03N' is not listed in the table of transaction codes, on the statement 'Call Transaction'.

Whereas if i run the business object stand alone giving this t-code, it works fine.

Please help, I am really stuck here.

Thanks and Regards,

Rohit Khetarpal

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