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Sep 25, 2009 at 06:05 AM

Need Help in writing a UDF



Please help in writing a UDF for these fields in mapping, which I need for the object Iu2019m doing currently.

The fields are like this:

1) batch_no = "TRUNC((GetMaxObjid('x_txn_sap_parts')-POWER(2,28))/5000)+1",

2) lot_id = "TRUNC((GetMaxObjid('x_txn_sap_parts')-POWER(2,28))/500)+1",

3) How to use JDBC connection factory class in the UDF.

Some logic I can provide which I know i.e. Power (2, 28) means 2 to the power of 28 (2 multiplied 28 times), Trunc means truncate, X_TXN_SAP_Parts is a database table.The Target fields are Batch_no, lot_id & Objid.Actually, objid is mapped initially to a source field i.e. Object ID and in this function it is only being used for the calculation of the batch_no.

Thanks in Advance,