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Sep 25, 2009 at 12:37 AM

Transport issue?


Hey SAP Team,

lets say i have 3 apps in my APPSET and only one, app1 is ready this week..and i want to move it to QA and test it out...I Move the whole APPSET right? There is no way to move only APP?.so i move QA.

meanwhile next week my app2 is ready..and there is some more enhancements or work being done on my lets say if i move the APPSET again next week,

my app1 changes also reflect in QA...which i do not want for is not complete and two...i haven't unit tested it myself...and do not know the repercussions of what it might break in the already app1 application which is in QA...this would disrupt my QA activities....

And very rarely are all your applications ready to go into Production.

hope i was clear in explaining the problem...

Is there a way to control transports @ an APP level...?

please let me know

thanks for your time.