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Sep 24, 2009 at 01:50 PM

changing dataProvider of custom dataGrid to XCelsius Cells


Hi everybody,

I have quite a simple question, however, I do not really get a solution for that on my own.

Actually, all I want to do is extend a usual Datagrid to display my data from XCelsius using the standard propertysheet. The way I tried to do this was to make the dataProvider inspectable.

My actionscript file:

package myPackage
	import mx.controls.DataGrid;
	public class MyDG extends DataGrid
		public function MyDG()
		[Inspectable(defaultValue="undefined", type="Array2D")]
		override public function get dataProvider():Object
			return super.dataProvider;
		override public function set dataProvider(value:Object):void

When I pack this into an .xlx, I can view it and preview it as long as I do not try to change the dataProvider. When changing it, the preview window stops to load at some point.

Thanks for your help in advance!